Let’s Talk About Jesus

Introducing Perspectives

There are so many concepts about what the one called Jesus, Yah, Yeshuwa taught and what his true message was. Clearly, the message up to this point has various perceptions thus why there is a multitude of belief systems based upon his teachings.  Having come to an understanding regarding his message and the reason for his appearance, I too would like to share what came to me. For every living human being has the right to research and challenge the things taught and to perceive whether for his soulful existence if it is indeed right or wrong.

The very basic theories derived from the so-called teachings of the self-called messiah bring forth the Christian philosophy also the other religious denominations namely Islam and Hinduism have all acknowledged this one in their spiritual guide or teachings and explanations.  Beyond this those who are said to have deciphered his words and the meanings of his parables are the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of secret societies.  Then there are the cults deriving extreme teachings and doctrines from the gospels. Finally, last but by no means the least the metaphysical teachings of many gurus and self-professed enlightened ones who have attained another level of understanding beyond the regular human comprehension. On an individual level, all these concepts are well accepted through ought the world as infallible by its followers who can attest to the great changes that occurred upon their acceptance of the philosophy.  Using the bible since Jesus/Yah/Yeshuwa is the pillar of Christianity to highlight and bring forth a concept given me in the spirit of clear understanding and truth.

Origination of Jesus

Matthew chapter 1 gives a recounting of Jesus’s genealogy. Verses 16 states that Joseph, husband of Mary of whom Jesus was born and called Christ (DRV) belonged to the lineage from King David to Joseph.  Jesus was not Joseph’s son and there was no accounting of Mary’s genealogy which was so important in those days. Therefore,  apparently, he carried the adopted genealogy of his stepfather. When there is an accounting for matters regarding God, this falls off the chart for accountability. The child is made illegitimate and furthermore declaration of being conceived through a holy or supernatural conception involved sex of some sort. As in days gone by all biblical accounts of women becoming pregnant by God’s will did have sexual intercourse with their respective partners and God granted them to be fruitful. Question. Why would this time be any different? By all accounts, he was flesh and blood making him very human. There exist an accounting of Jesus’ ancestry from God to Jesus himself In Luke 3: 23-38 which some deems to be that of Mary his mother. Many claims are made to make this birth legitimate or acceptable but taking word for word this is either adultery as she was promised to another and not married to or under a covenant of some sort with God or angel Gabriel which in that case she would have remained single after birthing. This, therefore, was loose conduct at that time and in both instances punishable by death.

Prophecy of a Messiah

Looking further back into the so-called prophecy of this birth and the coming of a Messiah seems to be filled with missing fulfillment and further reason to doubt the one called Jesus Christ being appointed savior. Isaiah 7:13-25 foretells the pregnancy of a maiden, the name of the child which should be Immanuel without fail, and the events surrounding his birth. Nothing of the sort Jesus fulfilled.  These readings clearly state the diet of the child would be butter and honey due to the abundance of milk. Other occurrences due to appear never did so upon the birth of the one called Jesus and so this cancels any possibility of this being a fulfillment of this prophecy of the birth of Jesus. Furthermore, the birth of two other sons was mentioned. That of Mahershalalhashbaz “Isaiah8:2,3 whose mother is prophesied as being a prophetess and whose appearance will also issue forth certain signs of miracles, none of which occurred with Jesus’ birth. Moreover, the mention of the birth of the Prince of peace whose appearance and rule will be a time of peace and rejoicing before God. These things have not been fulfilled during the birth or lifetime of Jesus. Instead, his birth had nothing to do with Israel except the town in which it was said he was born.  As for the prophecy about his life and work based upon Isaiah 53 in its entirety describes someone else rather than Jesus. Not grasping at straws, it should be noted firstly that the one described is very much hated, sickly, undesirable, and experiences much pain, perhaps of the heart and maybe even physically. This one was afflicted and therefore scorned and considered cursed by those looking on at the plight of this one’s life when all the while these things will occur because the suffering is because of the transgression and errors of a people. The fact that he was pierced and wounded soulfully caused great heartache and so would stand for the chastisement which means peace and healing for a people.  This one will go through these things willingly and will die by means of a stroke for God himself made him sick and his reward is also with God.  Finally, this one had offspring.  No mention of blood sacrifice and more so sacrificing of a son something which the God of the Israelites hated.

Who Is the Son of Man called Jesus

Prophecy does speak about the one known as Jesus, but not as many have assumed. Having prophesied that his followers will be persecuted for his namesake, it can be seen repeatedly he encouraged the breaking of pertinent laws such as rules on the Sabbath, and embarrassed any who dare to question his authenticity. He changed the Passover into a ritual of symbolism drinking human blood and eating human flesh. He set the precedent for confusion misleading the peoples by his words said through innuendos and parables.  In short by the smoothness of the tongue he spoke. Daniel 7:25.  And 8:24,25 are just some sayings to be considered. These identify a king, a son of man who will speak against the Most High, changing law and time, in which he would be granted success for an appointed time.  Having insight and understanding ambiguous sayings, he creates deception and will bring to ruin mighty ones during a time people are free from care. To be carefully noted is the fact that all Jesus’s miracles and life’s journey are replicas of things done by God’s prophets and chosen men who spoke in His name in the Hebrew scrolls. {Elijah resurrects widow’s son and Jesus resurrects widow’s son 2. Elisha feeds multitudes with very little Jesus feeds multitudes with little} Even some of the prophecies were seemingly fulfilled but if one were to read carefully it is quite clear that there is much amiss.  The most confounding of all these is that he has appointed himself the position of God for he said in Revelation 22:12-16 I am the Alpha and Omega which mean first and last or beginning and end. When God Maker of Heaven and Earth said in Isaiah 44:6 said that He is the First and Last and there was no other God.  The most telling revelation in the book of Revelation 22:16 is where he reveals who he is. The offspring of David and the bright morning star. Let the reader use discernment but with help. Who sat on the throne after David? How did he ascend to the throne and who was his mother? Deep things indeed to be looked into.  However, the appointed times for that rule to end is very near Isaiah 14:12-20 with the prediction of his great fall. No more hope of doom and gloom for humanity.


Douay Rheims Version (2008) 1899 Edition.

This is Not For Everyone

How is a coup carried out most successfully? To take over something or gain control of something built by another, takes planning, connections, a devious mindset, and meticulous desire coated with greed. Such entities or persons will do anything to achieve the goal which might be deemed as impossible for some to carry out. Yet this is what occurred. We have very little proven or should I say revealed evidence of this fact. That fact being we are living, building, breathing, and enjoying a state of illusion, falsehood, and innuendo societies.

Firstly we were robbed of the true beginning of our societies. Most of these things have come to us in ways that make them believable since they are brought forward from so-called reliable sources. A coup does not take effect only at the time it is done. It reverberates, and its effects are seen and felt for time in memorial as it has left its mark in walls of history (hi-story). If you think that the story you heard does not make sense and there are missing pieces, this is indeed the case. Secondly, the foundations upon which a nation was formed, was stolen to form something else that requires less commitment and is also more desirable even appealing to the human nature. The combination of cultures and the introduction of tolerance of the unacceptable has been in the making for centuries. The idea of forgiveness for the unforgivable has forged societies of superficial justice and clandestine lawlessness. The laws of the universe are clear. Whatever goes around must come around no matter how long it is evaded and cloaked in disguise and lies. Every action has a reaction whether seen or unseen by us, therefore, how can wrong that seem right gain acquittal when the intentions and purpose were all intentional and deliberate?

Thirdly we have been given ‘reliable’ guides in the form of politicians, teachers, preachers, celebrities, etc. to ensure we accept the things we are thought. However, these days we are being led in the path of supposed esoteric knowledge, wellness, and attainment of self-actualization. It is very clear that most if not all those so appointed has an agenda dedicated to a group or a personal agenda for self-glorification by whatever means. They propose to be setting you free of ignorance but on the other hand, they are succinctly leading their listeners or followers down another rabbit hole which are all attached to the big tree of deceit. Just as a tree brings forth leaves, roots, and fruits on a regular basis, so too do these varying entities and the number of them is endless. Whether a person be right or wrong in their doctrine in which they try to direct the masses, the thing is sincerity, not trickery. The trickster are agents of deceit to keep you trapped in the network and the sincere perhaps in most instances have been deceived into thinking what they found to be the truth; subsequently, as in many cases, the inspiration coming in is tainted and obstructed.

Those three pillars have us where we are at the moment. Facing a world of uncertainty, granting power to the agents of untruths to make believers of the unbelievers in their paradigm. Fear and desperation have become the underlying emotion with many in these times. Nevertheless, to find understanding in it all means not to fear what can be changed by our very own thought process.

This article is not for everybody. Yes, I too have an agenda, which is liberating the minds that have been stolen. Setting the souls free to find what is necessary to find what they should be searching for and yes to reveal that the good thing in the pot of stew is simply there to keep you eating out of the pot of falsehood, deceit, and trickery. We too become what we constantly feed on. Begin to set yourself free today.

Peace Versus Justice

From many corners of the world from varying circles, the promotion of world peace is put forth. We are asked to pray and meditate for world peace because happiness is a state of mind. So long as you the individual are happy and you can cause a few other people in your circle to be happy then there is peace profound in your world. How selfish…

We are being made to think we can achieve this on our own. That we can achieve the world we want without the intervention of something much more powerful that we don’t need the orders or orchestration by the one who designed it. So they use open terms such as the universe will return to you what you give out. While this may be true from a superficial point of view, again it is the way that One designed it.

The only peace that can be achieved from the abscess of their plans will see a loss of human rights, dignity, variations, and above all, there will be a lot of scared and unhappy people. Because their peace will be achieved through the archives of falsehood.

Justice brings forth peace. For just as everything thrives by the unwritten laws that govern the universe, similarly to maintain a balanced life on earth, there are laws, Decrees, judicial decisions, commandments, and much more that are designed for humanity. We need much more than healthy foods, exercise, and beautiful homes to exist that can cause individuals to enjoy a peaceful life. For how can you be at peace when others suffer and are at war? How can you find peace when lawlessness is supported and covered by man-made laws, attrition, and pardons because it does not affect you personally? How can your meditative state not zone into the suffering of others if it is being done correctly? There will be no peace until there is justice. To rise up the leader or leaders of such a regime can only be through the intervention of the One who the seekers of peace only choose to deny.

‘Imagine, think, meditate, contemplate’ they encourage, but the love they speak of is self-love and by extension for those who support the cause be tolerant towards others. A world with true love, justice, equity, and equality is what will be and it will dominate supreme above the lies and ignorance we have been fed for many years.


Picture taken from: (2020) Futuristisch eiland Odaiba (reizenoverdewereld.nl)

Let It Begin

Starting today you can make a change in your life. Starting today you will break free from all the grief all the strife. You can decide to lift yourself up in so many ways. The things you can do with yourself to bring you out of the gutter will cause the haters to mutter. But then this is all they can do except that they shall physically try to hurt you. Then you will physical and verbally defend your rights, for justice and equality to you shall be attain not only by your might… But by the offerings of the universe that comes to you today, take this opportunity to say ‘I am somebody and I won’t be turned back no way.” Rise up! Whatever it may be rise up……Let it be done!

  • No more inadequacy in law and social profiling
  • No more bribery
  • No more partiality
  • No more wage/labour deficiency
  • No more fixed ideology of education systems
  • No more fighting senseless wars
  • No more stagnation of human development through the systematic rule

Let’s look into the Attribute of Deliverer

Excellent Attribute of Deliverer

Magnifying the works of the Grand Creator is what I seek to do. There is no one effecting true deliverance except the One powerful in works, that cannot be replicated or demonstrated. There are events that can be predicted due to prophecies. However, certainly, the world always faced wars, earthquakes, pestilences (black death and cholera pandemic, and most recently Covid-19, etc.), famine and other politically motivated damnation.

Therefore, this does not mean we are spiraling towards a great end because of these things. Nevertheless, when facing personal acts of oppression, disillusion, sickness, and injustice, we often seek to obtain deliverance from the situation at hand. The thing necessary for a happy existence is rooted in the fact that whatever situation that may come upon us, there is salvation or the hope of deliverance along the way.

There is the temporary deliverance, then there is the deliverance from all things that hinder us. The attribute of Deliverer, which can be found with the Creator is usually of the permanent nature. It does not come easily. It must be earned through ascription of his established works, loyalty and obedience to the laws. This is granted on an individual level since all must work to attain their spiritual self in order to connect with the true and everlasting Creator. A collective deliverance is effected through a congregated effort, where the mercies of the Supreme One is present and therefore the expectation of a nirvana-like state of existence becomes the hope of anticipation. There are several ways deliverance can be had on an individual level which is always the best place to start. It is best to make individual contact with the Supreme One to gain our personal deliverance from great opposition, oppression, injustice, etc.

In the capacity of the Deliverer, the Creator in this form is due to reveal his true nature and purpose. There are revelations with regard to a Deliverer coming. In this form, it would be towards a person even a people, that at this point in time cannot be identified by racial features or religious dogma. By the constant actions found desirable, as well as knowledge and wisdom developed over time, it will stimulate the attribute of Deliverer to come into effect. For the entire world, it would mean that salvation could be made manifest unto those who look towards the state of unity between a ‘nation’ and its God and King. It will thus be a new age for humanity when this attribute of Deliverer is made to manifest on earth. To enable the Deliverer would mean to partake of the cup of all the aforementioned attributes in a complete and sincere absolution.

Quote of the Day

Fear the TRUE Lord (ZEN) and keep his commandments. For this is the whole obligation of man. For the TRUE Lord (Zen) himself will bring every sort of work into the judgment in relation to every hidden thing as to whether it is good or bad. Ecclesiastes 12:13 14.

Why Love at all

We belong to a family of beings united by the blood coursing through our veins, the sinews attaching our organs and our flesh and the fact that we all desire acceptance and love.

What usually is the first contact with love does a human experience?  Isn’t it the love transmitted from mother to the unborn.  Therein is a bond that is not easily broken and for the parent a love that is usually unconditional.  Parents teach their offspring to love and by example show them what love consist of.  The thing about this learning process is that it is perceived differently by the male and female of the human species.

The renowned author and psychologist John Gray coined the term “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” since this is in fact is the reality of differences in reasoning in terms of relationships and love.  This may be by far a general statement for some, but for many it holds true.  In some stage of a woman’s life, be it pre or post self-realization, that she desires a companion and all the frills that come along with that; marriage, children etcetera.  For a man however, he may attain self-realization and all his goals may never include a wife, children and partnering to run a household.  Yet, with all the differences both male and female would like to be loved.

It becomes like the absolute truth of life to give love and have it ricochet your way.  The type of love and just the amount we wish to receive is determined by social interactions and life’s experience from childhood until the desire is profound with the individual. Objectively, love seemingly becomes a self-serving commodity.  It is rare to discover someone who will think of the positive aspects they can bring into another person’s life rather than think what that person can grant to them.  Love then becomes subjective to things that may become routine, fades and mundane.

Universal love beyond the barriers placed in our lives is what we need to make a transition to find the real thing.  Displacing, age, race, social stratification and religious belief will bring us all under one umbrella.  Discover truth discover love.

Identifying History

When the word “history ‘is used in our everyday vocabulary we think of ancient times of long ago. However, contrary to this accepted concept, each and every one of us creates history daily.

History is the study of our past (Wikipedia). When an investigation inquiry is the made, the events of yesterday are also very important and considered most relevant. Therefore, in the deliberation to identify history it can be said that even the events of yesterday has a great part to play in the future of any related subject area that is under investigation.

The history of any subject matter is very important. One can probably predict future events by the study of the past; moreover a practical theory can be drawn up by behavioral patterns, reasoning capacity, socioeconomic environment as well as cultural aspects in any given situation. It is plain to see that in all things the universal concept of cause and effect continue to be relevant in all systems throughout the annals of history.

We should all then take a moment to review our self-history which may be described as our portfolio, resume or biography. Yet the simple fact of all the descriptive ways we may select to describe our past, it is the history of self. When it applies to events or inanimate objects we then begin the investigation into the history of the life of an object or the time frame the cause of an event was put into motion. Thus, bringing forth an event or an effect. The cause of the matter has become history.

Whatever we do therefore, we should note that it may be considered history. Our actions beget ripples, and who can say what the result of the things we have done or said will give birth to.

The fact of our Destiny

Nothing in life is ever in concrete except the reality that there is the possibility of a variety of outcomes in any given situation.  We own the acting variable of choice; and yes we know our decisions affect our pathways, but most of us have not come to realize that every single action we perform ripples to create an effect in the universe of things.

It my humble belief that time identified by seasons, celestial bodies as well as our own bodies dictate what we will decide at a specific moment that may cause a prophecy to be fulfilled as predicted in an individuals’ future.  To drastically alter an outcome will mean we need to become aware of every single action we make daily and then contemplate possible effects for our actions.  It will definitely be a tiresome ordeal to go through life in the state of our lower selves (human body) to achieve constant awareness within the sphere of cause and effect.

What can be done? Decide what we would like to achieve in this lifetime. Create a listing of possible obstacles in our path, be it people, places or objects that should be avoided.  Note also that lessons are meant to be learnt in order obtain knowledge, understanding and wisdom; what we assume to be negative effects or occurrences in our life’s journey, it is also making an impregnable demarcation and impression upon our consciousness.  Isn’t it true we always remember our pain and suffering?  The truth is the more we experience the more we learn.  Thus, to effectively create the future we want instead of a predestine path we should ultimately discover our true selves in relation to our physical and spiritual environment

Precious Mercies

Eve was looking aimlessly ahead of her as she sat in the public square. She took a final deep draw of her favorite blend of cigarette and threw it to the ground grinding it out with the tip of her feet.  She wondered what move she should make next.  Eve contemplated hanging around a bit longer perhaps drinking a few beers or maybe she should go home for a change. Yet, the thought of going home was not an inviting alternative. She considered home to be a place merely to sleep, freshen up and receive mails.  Eve was definitely a young lady loving pleasure and excitement constantly and did not need to have company to ensure each day of her life was filled with excitement. She often said to her friends “My life must always be fun and exciting because I get bored easily. I’ll sleep and work because I need to. But I need to be lively all the time otherwise life can get really dull for me.”  Somehow, she did find time to work, but only for a mere four hours at a nearby horse racing sports bar where she also placed bets which she regularly won to ensure her cash flow will be constant.

She contemplated taking up another job equally exciting so that she may be surrounded by fun filled activities constantly while she was also making money. Walking to a nearby newspaper vendor she purchased a daily newspaper and headed to the closest bar to have a seat out of the sun while searching for the perfect job opportunity. Believe it or not after taking her first few sips of the hops beverage, Eve came upon that perfect opportunity. There before her she saw the chance to step up a bit with the wages she could be earning once she salvages this job position as a hostess in well-known classy restaurant. The thing with Eve she was most fortunate in this area, for whatever job she set her mind upon she got it. This hostess position did not prove different in any way; seeing she got what it takes, they wanted her to start right away. Taken aback by her natural attributes of a svelte voice, her vibrant attitude together with articulateness and a beautiful face and form there was no need according to the head interviewer to look any further. She had the job. In her mind she chuckled to herself and said “Don’t I always just get it anyway? There is never a need to present these dumb certificates.” All the while presenting a face of naivety to what she does by her mere presence.

Eve quickly became the favorite there at her new work place. Besides being beautiful she was proving to her supervisors that her beauty was not the only reason she was hired. She proved to be capable and very efficient using her own initiative where necessary and she was regularly praised for it. This power house of a woman moving around the restaurant made the other employees feel so insecure and all this was just her natural ability to make things happen. But this won’t go unnoticed by her shift manager Michael with whom she grew so attracted to.  Soon enough she was in his arms enjoying an illicit relationship. However, as she soon found out it was not to last because he was married with children, yet she never let go of him.

As the months moved along she was coming to the frightening reality that her feelings were becoming possessive and demanding of Michael and letting go of him was proving to be a difficult thing to do. He brought nothing really into her life for she still felt lost and still hated spending time alone. Some of her friends she lost track of them because of her two jobs and this secret relationship she now had. The relationship was definitely not going to go any further than it was since Michael made it clear to her that he will never abandon his family but she was fun and ensured she was promoted to the position where she could function at her best. He even encouraged her to continue her studies in Management so that she could have more opportunities open up for her.

Inwardly she began harboring resentment towards him. Then, almost instantly that particular work place was no longer a fun place to be employed.  Eve felt lost and did not know where her life was heading. Now she began having other relationships at the side in the hope of finding true love and someone to call her own. Needless to say they all proved to be futile at best. Perhaps her suitors had things in common with her but it just wouldn’t go past a week.

Eve became a very frustrated person inside and yet she couldn’t take the time to stop and think too much of her actions because the pain was really great. Little did she pay attention to the hints God was sending her way every day. The little voice in her head saying “Try me, come to me, I love you.” If she did spare time to think of God she would quickly shrug it off hissing angrily at herself “God will never accept me at all for all the wrongs I have done and for what I am unable to stop doing.” Even praying became something for Eve to avoid. If only she would take to heart the many time she was miraculously spared from death itself. She simply reasoned that she was truly lucky, except in the area of love.

Eve never paid much attention to how and why she had been spared fourteen times from death in various ways, when these occurred in the most peculiar manner all so that she would take notice of it. But her mind was fixated on finding love and making money. She couldn’t see that this path she was threading, was only leading to a sure road of self-destruction.  Eve’s unawareness and unwillingness to stop and take stuck of who she was and what she needed most from life went on for a while until the Lord God spoke to her through someone else.

Searching again for happiness in some form she resorted to reading books in a bid to keep her mind occupied. Eve entered a bookstore where she noticed a lone salesman speaking to four customers about his love for God. She muttered in an undertone scornfully rolling her eyes “Oh how fanatical.” She totally turned her back on that scenario and carried on searching for that book of inspiration not knowing what was about to transpire next. Suddenly she heard a stern voice saying quite distinctly “And you! The first thing you will do in the morning is smoke.” Eve spun around immediately for this was her routine every morning and wondered who was saying this to her. The words were coming forth from the very salesman she had expressed scorn towards; the thing is he was an absolute stranger to her and neither was he looking at her as he continued to speak “Take the time to read my word. Do inhale the fresh air I created what is there that can be compared to it and read my word, stop smoking!”  Eve continued looking at the man in shock for she knew somehow that this was directed at her. The salesman however seemed lost and was not sure of what he was saying. Feeling a bit embarrassed as he fidgeted trying to remember what he was speaking about previously, when someone in his little gathering reminded him of what he was saying. That which he was reminded of was prior to him having that divine moment. It was clear to Eve that they also did not hear his message because they were not acting as if perplexed by his outburst.

Now realizing that it was indeed directed at her she became afraid. She quickly put down the books she was fiddling through and left quietly.  On reaching home she was filled with wonder and thought of calling in sick for the evening shift, which she did. Eve now actually took time to spend with herself. For the first time, she sat to think a bit and wondered what this could be. She said aloud “God actually trying to reach out to me? But I’m so filled with sin.”  She knelt to pray the first time in almost three years, prior to this she did so sporadically. A prayer from the heart of Eve I believed God himself must have been moved. It was a most resonating “I’m here with you.” She heard upon saying Amen and Eve’s heart skipped many beats subsequently being overcome with a strange emotion of love she never felt before. She was no stranger to the realities of God. She grew up hearing and being taught about the wonderful things concerning Him. However, being a lover of pleasure and excitement, she was led astray. At that point, she actually broke down her concrete exterior and began crying; something she also had not done for a long time. She would will herself never to cry so as to let down her guard and appear vulnerable and weak.  Now that her heart was undressed and she could do nothing to control it, all these emotions of her pent up hurt, disappointments and embarrassments just came flooding out her personal closet, bared before her Lord.

To her surprise she felt so comforted so loved after this that she was moved at that very moment to make a vow before the living God. Eve said to her Lord “My Lord I acted badly all these years to the extreme and you looked at me yet you safeguarded me. So, for you now I will make drastic changes in order to please you. Please stay with me for you were always my true friend.  The first move she made was to quit the job at the restaurant. The next time I saw Eve she was making great progress in her relationship with her King. After quitting both jobs, she held down one job that she was comfortable with and it didn’t have anything to do with excitement. Incredibly, Eve did quit smoking and excessive drinking; also, she avoided hanging out with anyone that was going to hamper her way in the journey she was undertaking of self-realization with God in view.

Acknowledging the changes in Eve, caused even my faith in the true Lord himself to grow and to truly realize that He is the One that is truly compassionate, all merciful and the God whom I myself won’t turn aside from.