Let It Begin

Starting today you can make a change in your life. Starting today you will break free from all the grief all the strife. You can decide to lift yourself up in so many ways. The things you can do with yourself to bring you out of the gutter will cause the haters to mutter. But then this is all they can do except that they shall physically try to hurt you. Then you will physical and verbally defend your rights, for justice and equality to you shall be attain not only by your might… But by the offerings of the universe that comes to you today, take this opportunity to say ‘I am somebody and I won’t be turned back no way.” Rise up! Whatever it may be rise up……Let it be done!

  • No more inadequacy in law and social profiling
  • No more bribery
  • No more partiality
  • No more wage/labour deficiency
  • No more fixed ideology of education systems
  • No more fighting senseless wars
  • No more stagnation of human development through the systematic rule

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