This is Not For Everyone

How is a coup carried out most successfully? To take over something or gain control of something built by another, takes planning, connections, a devious mindset, and meticulous desire coated with greed. Such entities or persons will do anything to achieve the goal which might be deemed as impossible for some to carry out. Yet this is what occurred. We have very little proven or should I say revealed evidence of this fact. That fact being we are living, building, breathing, and enjoying a state of illusion, falsehood, and innuendo societies.

Firstly we were robbed of the true beginning of our societies. Most of these things have come to us in ways that make them believable since they are brought forward from so-called reliable sources. A coup does not take effect only at the time it is done. It reverberates, and its effects are seen and felt for time in memorial as it has left its mark in walls of history (hi-story). If you think that the story you heard does not make sense and there are missing pieces, this is indeed the case. Secondly, the foundations upon which a nation was formed, was stolen to form something else that requires less commitment and is also more desirable even appealing to the human nature. The combination of cultures and the introduction of tolerance of the unacceptable has been in the making for centuries. The idea of forgiveness for the unforgivable has forged societies of superficial justice and clandestine lawlessness. The laws of the universe are clear. Whatever goes around must come around no matter how long it is evaded and cloaked in disguise and lies. Every action has a reaction whether seen or unseen by us, therefore, how can wrong that seem right gain acquittal when the intentions and purpose were all intentional and deliberate?

Thirdly we have been given ‘reliable’ guides in the form of politicians, teachers, preachers, celebrities, etc. to ensure we accept the things we are thought. However, these days we are being led in the path of supposed esoteric knowledge, wellness, and attainment of self-actualization. It is very clear that most if not all those so appointed has an agenda dedicated to a group or a personal agenda for self-glorification by whatever means. They propose to be setting you free of ignorance but on the other hand, they are succinctly leading their listeners or followers down another rabbit hole which are all attached to the big tree of deceit. Just as a tree brings forth leaves, roots, and fruits on a regular basis, so too do these varying entities and the number of them is endless. Whether a person be right or wrong in their doctrine in which they try to direct the masses, the thing is sincerity, not trickery. The trickster are agents of deceit to keep you trapped in the network and the sincere perhaps in most instances have been deceived into thinking what they found to be the truth; subsequently, as in many cases, the inspiration coming in is tainted and obstructed.

Those three pillars have us where we are at the moment. Facing a world of uncertainty, granting power to the agents of untruths to make believers of the unbelievers in their paradigm. Fear and desperation have become the underlying emotion with many in these times. Nevertheless, to find understanding in it all means not to fear what can be changed by our very own thought process.

This article is not for everybody. Yes, I too have an agenda, which is liberating the minds that have been stolen. Setting the souls free to find what is necessary to find what they should be searching for and yes to reveal that the good thing in the pot of stew is simply there to keep you eating out of the pot of falsehood, deceit, and trickery. We too become what we constantly feed on. Begin to set yourself free today.

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