Peace Versus Justice

From many corners of the world from varying circles, the promotion of world peace is put forth. We are asked to pray and meditate for world peace because happiness is a state of mind. So long as you the individual are happy and you can cause a few other people in your circle to be happy then there is peace profound in your world. How selfish…

We are being made to think we can achieve this on our own. That we can achieve the world we want without the intervention of something much more powerful that we don’t need the orders or orchestration by the one who designed it. So they use open terms such as the universe will return to you what you give out. While this may be true from a superficial point of view, again it is the way that One designed it.

The only peace that can be achieved from the abscess of their plans will see a loss of human rights, dignity, variations, and above all, there will be a lot of scared and unhappy people. Because their peace will be achieved through the archives of falsehood.

Justice brings forth peace. For just as everything thrives by the unwritten laws that govern the universe, similarly to maintain a balanced life on earth, there are laws, Decrees, judicial decisions, commandments, and much more that are designed for humanity. We need much more than healthy foods, exercise, and beautiful homes to exist that can cause individuals to enjoy a peaceful life. For how can you be at peace when others suffer and are at war? How can you find peace when lawlessness is supported and covered by man-made laws, attrition, and pardons because it does not affect you personally? How can your meditative state not zone into the suffering of others if it is being done correctly? There will be no peace until there is justice. To rise up the leader or leaders of such a regime can only be through the intervention of the One who the seekers of peace only choose to deny.

‘Imagine, think, meditate, contemplate’ they encourage, but the love they speak of is self-love and by extension for those who support the cause be tolerant towards others. A world with true love, justice, equity, and equality is what will be and it will dominate supreme above the lies and ignorance we have been fed for many years.


Picture taken from: (2020) Futuristisch eiland Odaiba (